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Coding Projects

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CAN Borneo

Contribution: Lead developer

Key Technologies: React, Javascript, Gatsby

A home on the web for a small NGO based in Borneo, Indonesia who aim to protect the forests and nature in their local region against deforestation and animal cruelty.


Contribution: Key developer

Key Technologies: Rails, Javascript, SQL

Built in 4 days in a small team as the final project in the LeWagon bootcamp, this prototype/demo Rails web app is designed to help restaurant owners get better insight into their online presence. Note: Initial site load will take some time due to free-tier Heroku hosting, instance must be spun up.

7 Minute Workout

Contribution: Lead developer

Key Technologies: React, Javascript

A small React PWA that takes users through a preset short but high intensity workout they can do from home.

Wagon Cities Guides

Contribution: Small contribution to open source

Key Technologies: Rails, Javascript

Wagon City Guides is a web app for LeWagon bootcamp students to share their favourite spots in their LeWagon city. I implemented the dark mode toggle among other minor improvements for this open source project.

Wins International
Work in progress Coming soon

Contribution: Sole developer

Key Technologies: Javascript, NextJS, React, SQL

An E-Commerce site for Wins International, a British classic car spares specialist. Not yet ready for launch.

Hello World