josh unwin


  • Green revolution advocate

  • Background in film workflow

React | JS | Rails | Python

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Coding Projects

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7 Minute Workout

Contribution: Lead developer

Key Technologies: React, Javascript

A small React PWA that takes users through a preset short but high intensity workout they can do from home.

CAN Borneo

Contribution: Lead developer

Key Technologies: React, Javascript, Gatsby

A home on the web for a small NGO based in Borneo, Indonesia who aim to protect the forests and nature in their local region against deforestation and animal cruelty.

Wins International
Work in progress Coming soon

Contribution: Lead developer

Key Technologies: Javascript, NextJS, React, SQL

An E-Commerce site for Wins International, a British classic car spares specialist. Not yet ready for launch.


Contribution: Key developer

Key Technologies: Javascript, Rails, Ruby, SQL

Built in under 2 days as an introduction to Rails during the LeWagon bootcamp, the idea behind this prototype web app is to give gamers a place to share their physical libraries with each other and recoup some cash spent on their games.


Contribution: Key developer

Key Technologies: Rails, Javascript, SQL

Built in 4 days in a small team as the final project in the LeWagon bootcamp, this prototype/demo Rails web app is designed to help restaurant owners get better insight into their online presence. Note: Initial site load will take some time due to free-tier Heroku hosting, instance must be spun up.

Wagon Cities Guides

Contribution: Small contribution to open source

Key Technologies: Rails, Javascript

Wagon City Guides is a web app for LeWagon bootcamp students to share their favourite spots in their LeWagon city. I implemented the dark mode toggle among other minor improvements for this open source project.

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